Messrs. WILLIAM FLORENCE & PARTNERS, Johor Bahru lawyer was found in year 2015 and is practicing in conveyancing, corporate and litigation in different states in Peninsular Malaysia.


We are lawyers started from Johor Bahru and have been serving clients from Johor, entire Malaysia and Singapore.

We aim to be a legal solution hub providing with pragmatic legal support and solutions both to their personal and business needs.

Legal problem has become complicating with the invention of information technology into our personal life and business, there are a lot of legal perspective need to be reviewed and revised.

We make sure our legal knowledge is up to current trend that fit in our clients' requirements and our extensive legal research will guide our clients to meet their legal needs

We emphasize on practicability, pragmatic and customized legal solution on the basis that the solution is based on current precedent case and law given.

We are proud to be the leading brand of Johor Bahru Lawyer that providing quality legal services not only for individual clients but also for a number of financial institutions, property agencies, multi-national corporations, companies and businesses in the country.


We look forward you get in touch with and we will project to you about your future decision which will gro in both your personal life and your business profit.


Think about divorce please look for us as your Malaysia Divorce Lawyer or Johor Bahru Divorce Lawyer

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